So I haven’t written a blog post since June mainly because I have had a lot of stuff going on, I’ll talk a little bit about what in this post. Also I don’t really want to write much about Covid or the economy, etc. because I feel like we are all tired of that sh*t globally so I’ll quickly start there then change the tune to a more optimistic ramble and share some info about my current interests, news, views and something that might help others.

Tuesday 13th of October and I'm at home blogging because HK observatory has issued a Typhoon signal 8 as tropical storm Nangka nears the city. Hopefully the signal will be lowered this afternoon so we can get back at it with you guys at the gym! So what’s been going on in my world? Thankfully the gym is back open and us personal trainers are back at it ‘again’! Now the Covid cases have dropped, and mask wearing whilst training is no longer required in the gym, we are back in business. All businesses have been put in a tough position worldwide, economically there has been a lot of tension and so much damage done, unfortunately many small businesses have failed as a result. It’s been particularly difficult here in Hong Kong because the rent is so high, which meant that many companies were quickly shut down. There has been so much tension and frustration here and there is still anxiety because of the potential risk of the virus coming back, everyone is doing the best they can in the situation we are in, even the governments. I have been particularly impressed by the HK fitness community that came together and created Save HK fitness, how much support they will get from the government is yet to be seen and as to who qualifies for subsidies is another matter all together. We’ll see whatever happens, the community is stronger together. Okay, this is where I change the tune and share some information from B.E.T Project (Brain Edge Training). For anyone that doesn’t know about the project, it’s basically a course created to help people better their own lifestyle with education on things such as exercise, nutrition, sleep and performance.  So, here are some tips from BET that can hopefully help people during these trying times:

  1. EXERCISE: 30mins a day of aerobic exercise three times a week will not only benefit you physically by increasing your blood flow and burn calories but also exercise helps to prevent dementia as well as playing a role in neuroplasticity (an underlying mechanism of learning), exercise also helps you learn.

  2. NUTRITION: we all now that processed foods are bad and that fresh, natural whole foods are good. So, instead of preaching about quantities and calories I will instead share some basic tips easy for everyone to digest (pun intended!) 

  • Nutrition TIP 01: drink half a glass of water before you eat anything and make it a habit. This will help to keep you hydrated throughout the day and also help to replacing any bad habits you might have of drinking fizzy or sugary drinks.

  • Nutrition TIP 02: eat at a table with the family, no phones, no tv, no distractions because in today's world the family eating together is becoming a fading tradition. Eating at the table together is a family gathering and a communion that should be enjoyed and shared together, so make the effort to eat with your loved ones and all share the experience and pleasure of eating, you’ll find it’s worth it.

  • Nutrition TIP 03: eat a high protein breakfast and include some vegetables and whole grains to get you started, a good breakfast will set you up for the day.

  1. SLEEP: insufficient sleep impairs performance, if you don’t get enough sleep then your mental health may suffer as a result and may be at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Poor decision making, memory and reaction times are affected by a lack of sleep.

  • Sleep TIP 01: stop using your phone, social media or checking emails 90mins before bed, allow your mind to unwind and limit screen time, phones, tv, laptops etc.

  • Sleep TIP 02: create a sleep routine, bath or shower and get comfortable physically and mentally, acquire the right state of mind to relax and sleep easily.

  • Sleep TIP 03: breathing exercises - lie in a comfortable position and practice breathing techniques: 4 seconds in through your nose + 6 seconds out through nose or the mouth, focusing your attention on belly breathing while allowing your body and mind to relax.

  1. PERFORMANCE: improve your performance at anything by preparing both physically and mentally, for example if it’s the act of going to the gym, then pack your kit and clothes the day or night before, make sure you are hydrated and had plenty of sleep the night before. As a mental exercise, you can visualise the process in a positive frame, imagine your best self going to the gym, see what you’ll see (the clothes you will be wearing, the exercise you will be performing or the music you will be listening to) hear what you will hear and imagine the positive feelings associated with the exercise. Preparation improves performance.

All good here, I’m as tired of the COVID situation as much as anyone else, and all said and done, it’s actually helped me to become more resilient, adaptable and pushed me to think outside of the box.

I’m reading and meditating more and also putting some time back into old projects and am working on bringing an awesome present to the city of Hong Kong... Watch this space!

I have been refining BET by creating online content with specific learning outcomes. I am slowly re-branding my website and have registered a company during the lockdown period and am enjoying the process of plugging away with these projects. I will be sharing some content on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. So if you haven’t already, then click this link to subscribe and support me now!


That's it from me for now, I'll share more information and update you guys on my journey in November. Stay fit, strong, healthy and mindful and don't work with assholes. Gratitude is the right attitude.


HK observatory has just announced they will keep T8 signal until 4pm

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