We all currently live in the best circumstances that any human being has ever lived in the history of mankind. The world today still has it's problems of course, there are still people starving, there are civil wars and suffering, and we don't have a cure for Alzheimers or cancer... yet.

However life on earth today is certainly better for us, than it was for our ancestors. Just imagine what it must have been like for them even less than a 100 years ago, before we had discovered central heating or air-con, mobile phones, the availability of medical care or even Netflix. Life must have been tough hey!

It's actually a miracle how lucky we all are, and how far we have come in such a short space of time when you consider the advancements that humans have made in education, technology and medicine. Evolution is awesome!

Yet if we look even more closely at our situation, and we don't have to look to hard to notice that many people nowadays are more distracted, anxious, unhappy and unhealthy and in many cases live less than satisfying lives.


Because we all know that sleep is important, as much as exercise and good nutrition yet not everyone goes to the gym, eats healthy and gets plenty of rest. I certainly don't get as much sleep as I could to live a more healthier lifestyle. I procrastinate and waste much time being distracted and lost in thought much of the time. Even people and celebrities who are 'perceived' to be super successful based on their wealth or public per-sauna can sometimes die due to drug or alcohol addiction or commit suicide due to mental illness.

Then we also see people like David Goggin's who hit rock bottom and then managed to turn his life around, going from an unhealthy and unhappy human to losing 100lbs and joining the Navy seals, which is super inspiring! I recently read an article about a homeless man in UK who after losing everything, his business and his home he took the time to study, teach himself new business skills by reading books in a library and then he began again from scratch. Now at 45 years old he is back in business and has made his life a success.

Now these maybe extreme (yet inspiring!) examples of people who hit rock bottom then bounced back up and turned their life around. How did they do it?

Quite simply put, they became resilient and faced the challenges and problems they faced in their lives to develop the the skills necessary to better themselves, and their situation.

No skill is learned by accident, yet with practice almost anything is possible to learn.

We all have the capacity to develop, grow and become better no matter how many times we fail. All we have to do is have the balls to try.

Life is tough and it's gonna whip you from time to time yet it's better to have lashes on your face from facing your problems than lashes on your back from running away.

It's your choice to face your own challenges and your responsibility to become who you are.

I'm away for a 10 day training from November 06th - 17th and will be off communications during that time. All you guys that PT with me will receive a message from the gym today, do't worry your sessions are covered by my awesome team!

I will be back to continue to whoop everyone's but into shape from Monday 18th November. In the meantime here is a small gift for everyone or anyone rather, who maybe interested or curious about meditation.

The link will guide you to download the Waking Up application for A FREE MONTH OF MEDITATION PRACTICE as well as access to all the content in the course. You are welcome, become who you are. This is the single best meditation app that I personally recommend because of it's structure, no frills, no nonsense guide to the practice.

Ciao for now! Become who you are.

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