The news headlines and media coverage on the coronavirus is now worldwide, as the virus is beginning to spread world wide. Fear sells, that's why. In reality the virus when compared to others is (fortunately) not the worst kind! Of course things could be much better, but they could also be much, much worse! This coronavirus - like all viruses - it sucks and it can be harmful, especially to the elderly. Yet for most healthy people, unless they have serious health issues or medical conditions the virus is not fatal. From my limited understanding of the situation, keeping good basic hygiene will do the job in protecting yourself and others.

Wearing a face mask won't do a great deal to help you or others, unless you are in a crowded place… or just ugly. But washing your hands will help to protect you. The corona virus is said to have first started in Mainland China in Dec 2019, and has since spread to other parts of the world. Here it has really crushed the HK economy and served as "the straw that broke the camels back" especially coming off the tail end of the government protests here that were already grinding down the economy. Many bars and restaurants that were struggling from the protests have now closed down, and all cashflow businesses are suffering from the double barrel blow of the protests and the virus. Unfortunately many businesses have been forced to close down and people are being made redundant. These are tough times in Asia. In response to the virus, many companies have suggested their staff work from home where applicable and some have been doing staff rotation days to limit any risks of contact or contamination, in HK this has seemed to work. Yet it hasn't stopped people from freaking out and buying all toilet roll! Outside on the street it feels like you are walking around in a huge outdoor hospital with everyone wearing face masks. Kev's coronavirus tips and takeaway - 1) Wash your hands 2) Don't read too much in the media because it breeds anxiety and panic, instead a better method of keeping updated on the situation is to follow this link - No nonsense just numbers. 3) Please say thank you to the cleaners you see and meet everywhere, on the streets, in coffee shops and especially to those at Impakt because they are working their asses off in keeping everything clean! A quick thank you and a show of gratitude is always appreciated. 4) Again... wash your hands because it keeps good personal hygiene and you are doing everyone a favour. Okay, step aside coronavirus... Here is an intro to Valley Tales (Project in progress...) VALLEY TALES So, I began writing my blog in 2017, which I created initially for business and marketing purposes, as a direct means for advertising my services as a martial arts coach and personal trainer in Hong Kong. I saw creating a Blog and Website as a way to demonstrate value, call it peacocking if you like. I wasn't really sure what to write about, I have a lot of ideas and each post I feel like there is a story to tell, although I found it hard to line the path on what topics I should talk about. As a result, the blog has been equal parts personal thoughts, life experience, martial arts updates and my interests in psychology. As a blogger I enjoy creating and sharing, and I have gained confidence, and valuable writing experience by actually putting content out there, however random my posts. For the most part, the blog has been surprisingly well received by a very mixed and diverse audience made up of working class friends and family in UK and my local connections and expat friends in HK. I grew up in a place called Ynyshir, a small town in the Rhondda Valleys (South Wales), and through my own experience and personal development I learned life and matured a certain way, we are a tough lot in the Valleys. As the old mantra goes "Rhondda born, Rhondda bread, big in the arm, thick in the head" and like mince meat going through a blender, I feel like I have come out the other side some shape better. I'll never forget my roots, because it's them that have forged me. I have experience in working the doors in the Valleys for more than a decade, whilst competing as a Pro MMA fighter between 2005 - 2014, the earlier years I felt like none of us in MMA really knew what we were doing! I actually began this post way back in October 2019 when I was in Japan for the Rugby World Cup, so I continue from there. Right now I'm sat on a train traveling from Shinjuku heading to Tokyo airport to fly back to HK, and I'm typing this on my phone. This has always been my natural style of writing, just jotting down my thoughts and feelings as and when they appear, it's just my way. It comes easier and more natural for me to write this way, opposed to planning and preparing. I figured that it's authentic because I write exactly what I think, it's honest and original and it makes sense to me. I'm going to write a book and call it Valleys Tales. A collection of short stories selected from memory, throughout various stages of my life. VALLEY TALES tells a dozen true stories covering a lifetime of experience, equal parts good and bad. I reflect upon my journey from childhood to adulthood, from the Valleys to Hong Kong. The book shares insights into my perspective at the time. The personal memoirs, range from street fighting, football violence and punishments, as well as tales from early childhood experiences. Including tales from over a decade of fighting in Professional MMA and working the doors in the Rhondda Valleys. A key selection of random stories of triumph and failure and a lifetime of learning along the way, my life changing journey of fighting my way from the Valleys to living in HK. Thanks for your support guys and if you like the content and support my project please feel free to share with friends and across social media platforms. Grazie!

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