Time of writing: Tuesday 23rd of March 2020, 9.30am on a cloudy and misty morning here in HK.

Last week I made a blog post regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, just as the panic was beginning to subside and it seemed like we had the virus under control and contained while it was blowing up and spreading elsewhere in the world.

These are unprecedented and trying times across the world and particularly in Europe and US, a time where we all need to exercise unity and strength and each play our part in fighting against the spread of the virus.

On the BBC News this morning, I seen that Boris has put the UK on lockdown and I hope that you reading this will be following such measures to the best of your ability.

As I said, here in HK the virus has been well contained in comparison to the rest of the world, I feel this is down to both good luck and the publics diligent response and compliance with the government's measures in dealing with the virus.

To be honest, as an unexperienced expat I personally thought that everyone was over reacting, now in hindsight it’s clear to see that such strict measures are necessary to limit the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus is a global problem right now and no-one really knows how much better or worse this situation may become, I don't pretend to have the answers, but I do know that it's important for us to be optimistic in our thoughts, words and actions because we are responsible for our own health, safety and well-being and in taking care of ourselves we are helping others.

There is a lot of fake news, mis-information and fear mongering in the media and none of this really helps.

Five things we can do to better manage the Coronavirus situation:

  1. EDUCATION: learning about the current situation with facts and figures rather than fear. Here is a video that helps to explain Pandemic situation: Also here is a link to the Worldometers COVID-19 Pandemic page that some of you may find helpful.

  2. FOLLOW THE RULES: follow the Government procedures, stay in where possible and wash your hands.

  3. HELP OTHERS: look out for others, ‘love thy neighbour’ and help out where you can by contributing to the aid of those that may need it. The elderly, poor health etc. There is always something we can do to help.

  4. LEARN TO MEDITATE: exercise the mind, now more than ever is a good time to learn to meditate. Here is a link to my Youtube channel, that has a playlist of meditations:

  5. EXERCISE: train the body, stay healthy and keep in shape. I will be sharing FREE at home workouts everyone can do on my Youtube channel this week. Just click and subscribe.

Here is a full body workout that you can practice at home without a gym:

Deck of Cards Workout

Deck of cards workouts can have 4 x exercises. Typically for my Wednesday Bootcamp sessions they are:

Spades = Squats

Clubs = Sit-ups

Hearts = Burpees *Everyone’s favourite!

Diamonds = Push-ups

Each card is face value ( 7 hearts = 7 Burpee) With all picture cards being 10 reps, Ace being 11.

I discovered this workout method back in 2005 thanks to Ross Enamait and I have used this method for training worldwide, when traveling, in hotel rooms and even outdoors on the beach. You can perform this workout anywhere and if you don’t have a deck of cards there are many apps available on the phone that do the same thing.

Stay safe strong in body and mind while the city is on lockdown.


Dear members, 

We wish you a good health at this time and thank you for being with us through thick & thin!

We have been monitoring the ever changing situation altogether in Hong Kong and have been adopting any measures necessary to keep everyone safe during these trying times. 

Until the end of the month we will be cancelling all group classes . Only private training will be allowed. This is to minimise any risk, cutting down traffic at the gym and allowing through cleanup in between.


If you are doing any of our classes, don’t worry as while you will not be coming to the gym , our team will be available with training you could do at home in the meantime . Simply message the reception or the trainers and they will forward you training programs you could do at home to keep up with until then . 

If you are doing private training, we will be checking temperature at entrance, feel free to request your trainer to wear a mask if that makes you feel more comfortable.


Impakt team

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