BOSS YOUR BRAIN: Learn to conquer your fears and reach your potential.

Our brain is the most complicated object in the known universe, it’s the organ located inside your skull that manages your nervous system and regulates most of your body functions. Everything from breathing to sleeping, hunger and thirst, memory, attention and learning.

Basically, everything that happens to us is experienced through our brain, so it would make sense that we would want know our brains better.

In this post I am going to share some information on how to better understand your brain, how it works and how to use it.

Given that our brains are malleable and ever changing, and all our brains develop differently based on our genetics, education and life experiences.

I’d like to start by sharing a bit about my personal background, so you, the reader, can better understand where I am coming from before share my “boss your brain” strategy.

I was born prematurely, so I was super small and skinny and remained that way until my early teens, as a self-conscious teen I started lifting weights.

I dropped out of school at 16 with little or no education, I didn’t consider myself to be stupid, but I was definitely a badly behaved student.

I was disagreeable and insecure and would rather focus my attention on girls than school work. I was moody and aggressive and would often get into fights both in and out of school, this also had a negative effect on my self esteem, personal life, friendships and high school education.

I was a bit more confident and settled at 17, yet with no qualifications I was forced to take whatever jobs I could, mostly in the construction industry; on the railways, plastering, labouring, or factory work.

My lifestyle behaviours consisted of working and weight-training hard, 5 days a week, and going out and getting drunk, chasing women and getting into fights on the weekend.

Such life-style was destructive and harmful of course, inevitably I ended up in trouble with the law (it was just a matter of time!).

By 21, I slowly began to make changes and take small steps to turn my life around. I started MMA training and chose healthier lifestyle habits. I became a proud father and was working the doors, I had moved from bad cop to good cop.

My life was still messed up in other areas of course, evolution is slow, I had relationships and financial problems etc.

I couldn’t see it then and I made life very challenging at the time, but now looking back, I had created those struggles yet each helped me to develop my character and be a better person today.I learned that through experience (good and bad) and my own education: all of us have the ability to create who we are.

Because developing your own character opens you up to further opportunities, possibilities and changes.

Why am I telling you this?

So you, the reader, can better understand where I am coming from, we each all have our own different life experiences and some are better, and some are much worse.

I am literally sharing with you just how my mind used to operate when I didn’t have my brain under control! (It’s still a daily battle, honestly!)

I believe that gaining basic knowledge and an understanding of how your brain works is such an empowering tool, because it literally helps you to better understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that you are better equipped, and you can learn to boss your brain and rule your life.

Here are 3 parts of the brain

Reptilian - Mammalian - Prefrontal (neocortex)


Reptilian part: the oldest part of the brain stem located at the top of the spine. Responsible for breathing, digestion, sleep heartbeat and fight-or-flight instinct. *Causes adrenaline to course through the body unless overridden by higher part of brain.


Limbic (mid-brain): sits the mammalian part of brain, which constantly scans our environment for danger or reward. It’s also the emotional hub of the brain responsible for emotions and memories and communication.

Prefrontal (neocortex)

Neocortex (*prefrontal): responsible for reason, analysis and handling of emotions that stem from other parts of the brain. Promotes goal-related actions and conscious thought. Imagination and understanding, symbols and language. The capacity to organise information, recognise and reflect to learn from experience.

Our brains have evolved over hundreds of millions years and thanks to modern day technology and research we can, now more than ever, better understand how the brain works.

I believe better education and understanding of our brain as well as our bodies and other biological functions can play a key role in combating some of the mental health issues we see in society today such as low self-esteem, fear, anger, anxiety and depression.

We like to think we are logical or emotional, the truth is we are biological. I believe better understanding about our brain, heart and gut health provide keys to better physical and mental health.




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