I’ve been blogging for quite a long time now. In fact, it’s been just over two years this month.Blogging can be time consuming and tiresome, especially in somewhere like Hong Kong where our life is so busy.

I’m happy to be back in +852 after a nice, low key, yet still tiresome trip back to Europe in visiting both Wales and Italy. I did enjoy the Christmas break and it came and passed so quick! I would love for these holidays to last a little longer to be more relaxing, the expat reality for Christmas it’s non-stop and going back to visit family and friends is a full speed project. So many things to do, and people to meet in a short space of time, it’s challenging. I’ve come to meet the Christmas period without any expectations of seeing everyone and instead I am just grateful for being able to catchup with whoever I can. This year was the most tiring yet, I did catch up with some friends, still not as many as I would have liked to, I didn’t even see half of the the family. Now Christmas and 2019 has passed, and all in all it was good! Keep moving forward.

First Blog post of 2020 with some insights on what I’ll be focusing on in the year ahead, only first a quick reflection on 2019…

Reflecting on 2019 Just a couple of things…I’m Welsh so a couple actually means several…

NEGATIVE: The political situation in Hong Kong, 2019 here it wasn’t good. The ongoing situation with China has been a huge negative and has effected more than just the economy, it’s drained this amazing city of its positive vibe and vibrant energy. Hopefully all can be resolved in 2020.

POSITIVE: Two major things happened in 2019 both of which I thought I would never experience: first, I got married! Yep, I made an honest woman of a beautiful Italian woman. We had a small secret reception here in HK and I’m the happiest man alive to have her by my side as my wife. Secondly, I sat my first 10 Day Vipassana silent meditation retreat also here in HK.

I have routinely been practicing meditation for some years now and just a small daily practice alone has helped me to become much calmer, more self aware and generally a better person. I feel like making the practice a habit has benefited my life and that of those around me. Both being happily married and the meditation are two things that I aim to continue to enjoy, practice and improve on for the rest of my life. 

POSITIVE: I did a couple of trainings last year: Hypnotherapy course, Nutrition course, a course on Stoicism and a Mental First Aid course. I’m satisfied that I have been able to invest in myself alongside working full time and I am certainly looking to do more trainings in the new year. 

Moving forward 2020 GOALS:

1. Now that I’m married, I best start learning Italian… Now I have no excuses! I created Brain Edge Training, a corporate training program that combines both physical and mental strategies for better health and wellness and I look forward to really getting it off the ground in the new year.

2. Learn new skills, qualifications and certifications. In 2019 I read a lot and listened to a lot of podcasts about wide range subjects on things of interest to me: health and wellness, physical and mental performance, exercise and meditation. This year I aim to better focus on the things I enjoy the most and gain some qualifications and certificates in new fields.

3. Create a new habit and practice (Hot) Yoga in 2020; I am committing to Yoga at least once a week.

4. Practice meditation using the Muse 2. It was a Christmas gift from my amazing wife, and basically it’s a head band with neuro-sensors that provides bio-feedback. If you are interested in getting one, click this link: https://mbsy.co/GLWMg 

5. Write a book. I now have some experience and practice with writing and I will continue to study, practice and learn more skills before writing a small book of true short stories from my experience of life growing up in the Rhondda to my journey in Hong Kong. I have become inspired to do this because any small stories I have shared with friends here in Asia about life in the Valleys has been well received. Some people find the shenanigans comical, some are curious and others are horrified by some of the stories which will cover a range of experiences from growing up amongst the steroid and drinking culture, prison tales, working the doors and my journey into MMA and Boxing and moving to Hong Kong.

Many parts of 2019 were a struggle, yet I feel better motivated for 2020 because after all the highs and lows of last year I have gained some valuable experience. In my next post I will share an introduction as an example of the kind of book I will be writing.

Happy new year!

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