Welsh. Boxing & MMA Coach.

Personal Trainer.

Meditator. Blogger. 


Kev Reed

Boxing & MMA coach, personal trainer and former professional fighter. Autodidact, stoic, Trained hypnotist and NLP practitioner. 

Creator of BET: Brain Edge Training System.

Kev Reed is one of the best coaches and personal trainers in Hong Kong. A former professional fighter with more than 18 years experience, his unique teaching style and expertise are highly responsible for making him one of the most sought after coaches and fitness specialists in the city.

  • MMA Middleweight Champion (2007)

  • MMA Welterweight European Champion (2007)

  • Unlicenced Cruiserweight Boxing Champion (2012)

  • Welsh NO-GI Absolute Grappling Champion (2014) 

  • Awarded BJJ Purple Belt, CRA (2014) 

  • BKB Boxing Winner, Hong Kong (2014)


FB Scott Clist - 77kg - Kevin Reed 59
FB Scott Clist - 77kg - Kevin Reed 76
x Kevin Reed V Piotr Ptasinski 77kg fb 5
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Learn, adapt, overcome

Optimism, realism, workism

The simplest way to change is habit

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Kev’s goal is to help people live a healthy lifestyle,


Specialises in:


Boxing training 

MMA: mixed martial arts

Self defence

Strength and fitness

Health and wellness

Hypnosis and meditation


Offering gym, home and outdoor fitness training, making it easy for you to choose the environment that suits you to quickly get the best results.

Kev encourages:

Positive lifestyle habits

Clean nutrition

Exercise routines

Meditation practice to reduce stress


Because the first wealth is health.