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Personal Training

- Helping people make their strength and health a habit not a liability

- Educator of consensual violence; I pride myself on teaching Boxing and MMA with clients 

"I'll get you fit, strong and healthy and make you harder to kill"

My unique and effective way of personal training can be attributed to my experience in combat sports and my passion for exercise.

I aim to make training fun and lead you to success. 


Tailoring for all levels of fitness I specialize in sharing personal insights, a training plan, nutrition and education. 

Combining effective training principles to meet your goal.

  • MMA Middleweight Champion: CFS (2007)

  • MMA Welterweight European Champion: Pride & Glory (2007)

  • Unlicenced Cruiserweight Boxing Champion: Portsmouth (2012)

  • Welsh NO-GI Absolute Grappling Champion (2014) 

  • Awarded BJJ Purple Belt, CRA (2014) 


FB Scott Clist - 77kg - Kevin Reed 59
FB Scott Clist - 77kg - Kevin Reed 76
x Kevin Reed V Piotr Ptasinski 77kg fb 5
Screenshot_2014-02-24-16-28-50-1 - Copy.

Based in the heart of Hong Kong, I have helped a wide range of clients successfully achieve their desired goals. 

Individual client programs have included everything from body transformations, training with white collar boxers, professional athletes and sports teams, to general strength and fitness training.


How I became involved in martial arts:

I grew up in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales. I was a troublesome teenager with a short temper and big insecurities and often got myself into trouble in fights at school and in the local community.


Needing somewhere to channel my energy I began training in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing, both taught me discipline and gave me direction. I grew into combat sports I was a professional fighter from 2005-2015.


In 2014, nearing the end of my fighting career I was at a low point in life and on the verge of joining the British Army.

I took on a last minute fight: Bare Knuckle Boxing in Hong Kong:


Following the fight I was offered an opportunity that turned out to be life changing, I become a personal trainer and coach in Hong Kong. 


My passion and love is combat sports, health and fitness.

I took the chance and opportunity, and I brought 

my training and experience over to south east Asia. I am now one of the most sought after coaches in Hong Kong. As they say "The harder you work, the luckier you get"


I have built a huge amount of experience in Asia over the years, working with many business professionals across a spectrum of different health and fitness goals.  


I like to think I have fine tuned my ‘valleys style’ approach to training: Because I am not as mean as I used to be! Yet I am committed to getting you the best results!

I am passionate about health, fitness and helping people optimise their performance and I live by the mantra "Lead by example!" so I always aim to get the best out of my clients, educating them for strength. 


My job is to introduce you to your potential.

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